Guided steelhead fly fishing on California's wild Smith River. 

Guided steelhead fly fishing on California's wild Smith River. 

Smith River

A river with the common name of Smith. The Smith River, in the northwestern most corner of California is anything but common. The Smith is one of the most bio-diverse regions and intact watersheds found on the coast of the U.S. It flows through steep gorges of continuous classified rapids in the forks and through the giant redwood groves of the main stem. 90 plus inches of rain falls annually, and un-dammed, the Smith is very dynamic to say the least.  When the rain falls, the Smith climbs a virtual wall on the hydro-graph and falls almost as fast, making the Smith one of the most fishable rivers on the coast. Usually turning green a day or two after heavy rains, and an alluring clear sapphire blue at normal flows.

Returning on the heels of the fall chinook, January through March, Smith steelhead are amongst the toughest race of fish you'll ever hook and equally as tough to get to commit. This fishery isn't for the faint of heart or for those stuck on numbers. The steelhead of the Smith are vigorous, wily and like no other. The Smith draws you in.

Guided trips $600 per day  |

2 day minimum on the Smith