North Umpqua Fishing Report

On the dry The fishing on the North Umpqua continues to be, to say the least staying consistant. We've seen some really good fishing with the dry fly some days and not so good on others. Today we rose three and landed one of those fish. One fish came to the fly three times on one swing, rushing it with a slashing strike all three times but couldn't connect, it was awesome. Seeing a fish the size of steelhead come up like that will change you, it's unexplainable you just got to see it for yourself. We changed up on her and she got stung the first pass with another dry, she came unbottuned on a hot tail walk followed by a cartwheel.

Dikran into one

As of the 26th of July we have about 4,500 fish over Winchester Dam, thats the entire run we had last year. The river's not fishing like there are that many fish around. There were still a few coming over the dam on sunday when I stop at the ladder, that's pretty good for this time of year. My theory on the fishing is that the water temperature below the fly-water is still cool enough that the fish are taking their time getting to us. We'll see how it pans out.