Steelhead Report


The beautiful North Umpqua
The beautiful North Umpqua

The fishing remains about the same, though the rivers are really showing fall. We did get some rain that bumped up both the Rogue and the North. The rain on the North seemed to move the fish that we had in the system out, I have yet to see any sign that we are going to get some fish to replace those that left. The freshet on the Rogue however has seemed to bring in at least a few new fish into the upper Rogue.

Scott Nichalson with a beaut of a buck on the Rogue

We've been getting fish every day on the Rogue our best day being 3 for 5, this buck was one of those. Although the fishing on the North has been a bit slow we have still seen some good action.

Wait for it......wait for it

I experienced something I had never had happened with Tim Howland. We were swinging a sink-tip through a run when it happened, we got the big pull. Tim lifted a bit early on it, the rod bowed to the fish and then nothing, we'd lost him. Our hearts sank, Tim looked at me and I knew he knew want he did. The fly still swinging through got hit again, this time the fish stuck. In the amount of time this took place I am positive it was the same fish. I have never had one come back after being stung.

Tim Howland's comebacker

 A few weeks ago I got to do a little fun fishing with friend Ryan Peterson( ) down on the Trinity River in Northern California. Here are a couple of pics......



Ryan with a nice'n