Summer Outlook





It’s springtime here in Oregon and our summer steelhead are beginning to fin their way to the North Umpqua. The floating lines and skaters are beckoning to be thrown to a distant holding lie. There is the anticipation, though being a month and a half away, of seeing that first steelhead explode on the dry, and which of the famous North Umpqua runs it will come in. If you have yet to experience the North Umpqua it is a must for any avid steelheader.


An early morning beauty



The North Umpqua is probably the most rewarding fishery for steelhead, being that it is very challenging, exceptionally beautiful and the steelhead themselves are in my opinion the prettiest to swim and aggressive to the surface fly. Most of the fish we catch throughout the summer are on the dry, only in the toughest conditions will we go to a sink-tip.


Please take the time to check out a video a friend and I put together last summer,  



Sunrise on the Rogue




The Rogue is another summer-run headliner we have here in So. Oregon. Though the Rogue turns on a little latter than the North Umpqua the steelhead usually continue coming through November and into December. Contrary to what you might here from those that have fished the Rogue, it is truly a great swinging river. Typically we fish sink-tips from August till she blows out, the Rogue steelhead are very grabby towards the swung fly. Here I use a raft to access water that most can’t get to on foot, the raft is just transportation from swing run to swing run. While not in a canyon setting as the N.U., the Rogue offers great scenery of the Table Rocks and Mt. McLoughlin, it is no doubt beautiful in its own way and I fall more in love with each time out. The Rogue can also see some amazing returns of summer steelhead which can turn into steelheading that defies what we have come to expect from a days fishing. A popular trip come September through October is a few days fishing dries on the North Umpqua and then a few on the Rogue getting after them with the sink-tip.




Thanks to all that I got to fish with this past season, hope all is well.


Rich & Bo