Good-bye Skagit, it's been fun

So I switched from throwing the big extension cord that is a Skagit line, I put the insanely large intruders away and put on a light scandi head along with a dry fly. I have to say the conversion took a bit of getting used to, but damn it felt good. I fished two runs without a rise, no big deal it's still only June. On my third run I got to see my first rise of the year and to my surprise I didn't jerk it away. I didn't hook the fish, he just got pricked and didn't come back. The next peice of water I fished was a personal favorite, they just don't get any nicer as far as what I look for in a steelhead run. With high anticipation and the fly coming into the goods, the water erupted in a surging rise. The fly kept floating along as if nothing happened, he missed. It looked like a good fish, I got that old funny feeling back, I can't explain it and wont try to. I brought the fly back to me and changed it to another dry. Put the new fly back out there, as it skated happily I thought "oh that looks too good". The fish ate and was stuck. Beautiful. PICS 160 OF THEM 4420

Satisfied, at 9am, I drove up Steamboat Creek to see if there were any fish up that way yet. ODFW had cleared the fish ladder at Steamboat Falls as of the 18th.

The first steelhead to arrive in it's summer refuge

Spent most of the rest of the day visiting with a friend and walking the creek to see if we could see anymore on their way.

We didn't find any

Pretty awesome place nonetheless

Hooked a really hot fish this morning that took the fly like a porpasing killer whale, then took off up and down the run cartwheeling the whole way. I did all I could do to keep up but I couldn't. Life is good. It's summertime.