. The North Umpqua is really coming into shape, for leafers. As far as for steelheading it's pretty tough. Had my first guided trip that we blanked for the day and we fished really well, which is really suprising for this time of year. Up until that the North has been consistent. Spent a few days with Lance Watkins from my old home town of Newport Beach, Ca. We did pretty good for three days. Lance had started steelheading this past winter with me on the North, he caught the smallest winter-run fish I had seen on the river, about seven pounds. This time he saw why I chase steelhead, a few pics.

Lance's 31" hen


We had to chase this one down a few sets of rapids

Also fished with Andy Hoag and his dad Tony for three days on the North and the fish were still there. Andy is just undertaking steelheading with a spey rod, it was really cool to watch him progress for three days.

Andy's first on the dry

Andy was a true pro when it came to staying calm and not jerking when a fish took the fly, and it paid off or him.

Another big hen 29.5"

A nice buck that wouldn't give in

A few hours south on the Rogue, the fishing is really tough. We are still getting our shots each day, but it is not what I'm accustomed to this time of year. I heard that down in Grantspass it has been fishing better than last year so, those fish should be here soon.

This fish came to the fly, but really lazilly and wouldn't come back