So I came up over this rock ledge to a run that I don't think many people know about to find it littered with disposable coffee cups, empty beer cans, leader spools and other crap discarded by people that just don't respect the place they are enjoying. Oh yeah, and there are fresh steelhead scales on the rocks and some blood pooled in the cracks. (Note: probably 99.5% of the fish here are wild) F**king bastards was the only words that fit the situation. I picked up the discarded trash and took a look at the chrome scales, I even smelled them, yes I may be crazy.  But, remember that old quote from some guy "You don't have to be crazy to chase steelhead, but it helps" or something like that.

I fished through the peice of water and was lucky enough to hook a fish, I never saw it but it felt like a good one. After about a minute it took me around a rock and came undone. So my message for the day is... take one of many plastic bags from the grocery store and  five minutes, pick up some trash along the river. You may be rewarded for your small, but worthy effort.

 I  hooked another this day that ripped me for about 15 seconds. 15 seconds yeah, it doesn't seem like a long time, but these coastal fish in particular can do more in 15 seconds than most steelhead do in 5 minutes. I had it handed to me for sure, I couldn't help but smile and laugh and ask Bo "what the f**k just happened?"