Still fishing

While the fishing on the North continues to be tough, I've said this throughout the summer and I'll say it again, just cause. If you fish hard, fast and cover good water you'll run across one. With the Oct. 1 stonefly nymph hatch over with, fishing pressure will drop off, and hopefully our bigger fall fish will show in good numbers.

 Jim had spent the entire day without a touch, it was getting late on our straight through day. Not wanting to give up just yet, he opted for one more spot. The fishing gods smiled upon us that day, the sun was beating down, as we stepped into position a big cloud rolled over and covered the run in shade. That's not all the gods did for us though. Near the bottom end, I'd say within at least 5 casts of being done and fishless, a fish rose to the dry. The line came tight and Jim lifted, only to prick the fish. A four letter word echoed through the canyon. We both felt the dissappointment, I know the fisherman miles downstream felt mine. But, there is always something new to learn about these fish, it is never the same, day in day out. Checked the fly and tossed it back in there, the fish ate and the rest is history.

Have a few days off and headed to California to visit some old friends. The Rogue is fishing well and should only get better.