Change of pace...

Recently spent a week with my favorite clients of the season, of course the "fly girls". A change of pace for sure, instead of a handshake after landing a fish I get a hug and a peck on the cheek. These gals can get it done and love fishing as much as the next guy. The fishing wasn't on fire but, we always have a great time.

Yeah I know what your thinking, "that size of fish only comes once a season here in the states". Well, we stepped back out into the run and a few casts in we hooked and landed a thick 34" hen that took us so far into the backing I thought Beth's Hardy Bougle might get spooled. Unfortunately we lost the grip on this hen while trying to get a pic but, I know Beth and I will remember her for a long time to come, as well as the 50lb chinook we hooked that would've spooled us if not for help from some guy in a jet boat. Goodtimes Beth, thankyou.

 My season on the North is pretty much done, it was a good one even with all the ups and downs. The North Umpqua never disappoints, I have a personal trip coming up to say so long to her for the summer season and hopefully raise my last fish to the dry until next year.

 So, it is beginning to rain here in southern Oregon. My thoughts are drifting west, to the coast. I know it's only October but, it's suppose to rain 1 to 2 inches tomorrow and our coastals will be rising, maybe, just maybe there'll be an eager winter-run nosing into the freshet. Feeling the pull of the coast and the day off, I made good on a promise.

To raise a fish to the dry-fly is steelheading at it's purist form. To watch the floating portion of your head come tight, submerge and the subsequent pulsing and bucking of your rod and knowing there is coastal perfection at the other end is a steelhead bums wet dream.

Not to take away anything from our fall season on the Rogue, November is hands down my favorite month on the Rogue. It's just cold, wet and tying winter steelhead flies has got me fired up for the coast. 

Fall perfection
That dam qoute, "ya bring yer pole witcha didya?"