A Long December

With the exception of a very early trip to the coast, it has been to say the least a very long December. The rivers have been in flux and never really settled down to allow some fishing. My normal "week after Christmas ring in the New Year coastal steelhead bonanza" was blown out and every time I had time before that was the same. Though some good did come of it, my fly box has never been so full and it's been a good end to the NFL season as well.

It felt like a black cloud was following me around, guess it really kinda was.

Finally on the first day of the new year the alarm went off at 5am, it was time to go.....


Came across this guy in a back channel, recently died, he still had his eyes. Spent day one casting tirelessly till dark. Nothing. A few cold beers and a cup-o-noodle and I was out. It was good to be on the coast at last.

Fished through some prime lies and runs without a sniff and two flies down. The confidence was beginning to wane. I was starting to question the rock bumps. As I answer my clients, "believe me, you'll know", kept repeating in my head. Had I really forgotten, had it been that long?


Hope all had a great holiday.