Winding Down, and some firsts...

It's been a strange one. During prime-time for coastal fishing we saw very little rain, in turn for inland fisheries in March we got drenched. Adjusting your tactics to these conditions was a must. We got to fish some seriously large flies which is always fun, and really small ones too, that can be effective in low water.

We never had one of those magic days, but this is swinging for winter steelhead. Magic number days are reserved for summer steelheading. You got to want it in the winter, you have to want it bad. They don't come easy, unless your name is Beth.

As steelheaders we can fall into a rut, wanting it real bad and thinking too much. We forget about the fishing part. We can definitely fish good water, fish it well and fish a lot of it but, at the end of the day we can't make them bite. Just fish and let it happen.

 Keep your corn in the water.

 So for me another winter season has come to a close. Spring brings new life and the promise of summer steelhead, can't wait. Time for tying flies, bbq'n, cold beers with good friends. Maybe some trout fishing, maybe.

A parting vid of a coastal steelhead where he should be, in front of a big rock.


Big thanks to those that came fishing me,