The Rogue


It's rare to see a dam removed from a river, let alone two. The Rogue River has had two dams removed in the past few years, the Rogue now runs free 157 miles from Lost Creek dam to the pacific.

Bear Creek and it's tributaries are major spawning and rearing habitat for the Rogue's salmon and steelhead. The pics below follow Lone Pine Creek, a trib. to Bear Creek.




 Lone Pine Creek then crosses under Biddle Rd and continues into a concrete canal through the Medford International Airport.

Lone Pine Creek then is piped underneath Hwy 62(4 lanes) and a bowling alley parking lot.


Above the bowling alley, Lone Pine enters an undeveloped lot. The Creek snakes through this peice of land, as creeks do.


  And the fish are there. Through two miles of ditch, canal, pipe, chain-link, concrete, and grates. Wild coho and steelhead smolt are there.

Currently there is a proposed riparian corridor expansion for 7.16 miles of fish bearing creeks throughout the city of Medford.  Including Lone Pine Creek. All of the creeks in the proposed plan are used by salmon or steelhead. While this won't take out concrete canals and underground pipes, it will protect the creeks from future decimation. A step in the right direction.

This post is a call to the fishing residents of Medford, or if you know somebody who does. At the past hearing there were only of few of us. We need a lot more voices for the fish.

Thursday - May 26th, 2011

5:30 pm

Medford City Council Chambers

City Hall, 411 W. 8th St

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email.